Joomla Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization aimed to:

  • Promote the use of Open Source Software and the freedom of expression it can bring,
  • Educate and empower individuals and organizations through the use of free Open Source Software.

As part of its core belief that all people, no matter who or where they are, should have the freedom to enrich their lives by using Open Source Software, the Joomla Foundation will initially provide education and support globally through programs and events, and serve schools, colleges, universities, rehabilitation centers, and prisons.

The Joomla Foundation plans to partner with the following organizations and nonprofits to carry out our tax-exempt purpose:

  1. WordPress Foundation - an organization that uses Open Source Software to publish projects
  2. Free Software Foundation - the creator of the GNU GPL license the Joomla Foundation use and promote
  3. Mozilla Foundation - making the web and email more accessible and built on open standards
  4. Public Code – they are demanding legislation to require that publicly financed software be made publicly available under a Free and Open Source Software license.

The Joomla Foundation will work to provide activities that include the creation and provision of educational resources for both individuals and institutions including schools, colleges, universities, rehabilitation centers, and prisons. It will host and attend events both physically and virtually to further educate and enlighten people around the world about the use of Free Open Source, GPL software.